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Monday, July 11th 2022, 4:00 PM

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Phillip Shaun Construction LTD is a top construction recruitment agency. The company provides highly qualified candidates for residential, commercial, and industrial construction projects.

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Phillip Shaun Construction LTD is a highly qualified construction recruitment agency. The agency has more than 25 years of experience and prides itself in providing reliable construction labor supply services. The company specialises in staffing for all commercial, residential, and industrial construction projects. The team uses its vast knowledge to help construction companies enhance their workforce with skilled laborers and professionals.

Phillip Shaun Construction is committed to helping companies tap into a pool of candidates expertly matched to them. The agency maintains a candidate base that brims with talent. Every candidate accepted into the database undergoes thorough induction while their qualifications and work history are verified. This way, they are equipped to help construction companies with the specialized skill set they want for their projects. The companies can rest assured that the new talent will fit seamlessly into the team for excellent performance.

The construction recruitment agency speeds up the recruitment process when clients need labor within short notice. For instance, when a client is awarded a construction project and needs to fill a vacancy by the start date. Instead of waiting for qualified candidates to apply, the recruiters have a host of vetted candidates actively looking for jobs at any time. In such instances, they make the recruitment process faster than other reactive recruitment options most clients undertake. That means clients have the labor supply they need to avoid inconveniences to their projects.

Phillip Shaun Construction help offload the recruitment task, thus helping clients save money and time. Recruitment is not an easy job, but the company has the expertise to handle all aspects of the process. They listen to every client’s needs and help find the best-qualified candidates. This is by getting on with the preliminary interviewing to source the best candidates. In this case, the construction project manager has enough time on their hands to handle other vital matters of the project. Besides, it translates into qualified labor solutions with no wasted time, resources, and capital.

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Besides construction labor supply, Phillip Shaun Construction LTD also provides consultative service to all clients. The company builds good relationships with construction managers to help them make well-informed decisions throughout the recruitment process. They can provide services related to reference taking, salary negotiation, market intelligence and trends, retained search, and more. The recruiting team also has a strong network of professional contacts in the construction industry and remains up to date on specialist market trends. This makes them a reliable source of information for construction managers.

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