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Phillip Shaun Construction: mitigating hiring challenges
Friday, July 22nd 2022, 2:10 PM

Phillip Shaun Construction: Experienced and trusted construction recruitment agency

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Phillip Shaun Construction is a London-based agency offering the best, industry-focused recruitment services for temporary, contract, or permanent positions.

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Recruiting qualified construction professionals may be difficult in the present job market. With the demand for construction projects increasing due to a combination of factors such as economic recovery patterns and immigration trends, there can be an increasing demand for qualified tradesmen and technicians. Finding candidates for real estate projects can be time-consuming and often costly. This is why many businesses turn to external construction recruitment agencies. Since every construction project comes with a deadline, involving trustworthy construction agencies in London can be a good idea.

For instance, an experienced construction agency like Phillip Shaun Construction maintains a database of certified technicians, electricians, carpenters, contractors, and others to meet the demands of developers who often need construction crews and experienced personnel without waiting periods or downtime. Such hiring demands are bettered addressed by a dedicated, construction industry agency like Philip Shaun Construction.

Danny Richards, Construction Analyst at GlobalData, comments: “Construction output in the UK has continued to edge higher in recent quarters having rebounded quickly in late 2020 following the slump in Q2 2020 when the country went into lockdown to contain the spread of COVID-19”

There are various reasons why hiring a construction agency makes sense for project developers. First, the best construction recruitment agency will have an extensive database of specialists, current employers, locations, expertise areas, and compensation packages. This information about candidates is crucial for any company looking for qualified candidates for new industrial and civil construction. Secondly, prominent agencies often maintain business relations and a nationwide network with local contractors and hiring managers. It helps them to find candidates working in other locations—they continuously nurture such a network that helps to meet sudden construction staffing needs. Working in the construction industry isn't always a permanent occupation since many one-off or limited-duration jobs crop up. However, through the services of recruiting agencies, businesses may quickly find candidates with the necessary skillsets required for the project. This helps to meet talent shortages and seasonal construction workers.

A commercial and industrial development project often requires candidates with different education, skillsets, and certifications in some roles, depending on the scale and nature of the construction project. For example, a bricklayer or manual construction job may not necessitate a college degree. Still, technical or managerial positions like site engineer or project manager must have educational qualifications and experience. As a result, a recruitment agency like Phillip Shaun Construction has applicants from various academic backgrounds, including BTEC, NVQ, and HNC certified professionals, making it easier for companies to access qualified candidates for construction jobs.

Finding and hiring qualified candidates can be time-consuming and expensive for construction companies without an in-house recruitment team. These companies have to consider the costs related to advertising and branding to attract talented candidates. They must also research current job market trends, pay structure, and benefits. It can take significant time to weed out unqualified applicants once applications start rolling in. After that, they face the time-consuming procedure of interviews and other pre-employment screenings. Partnering with a construction recruitment agency can help to minimize costs.

Phillip Shaun Construction offers 24/7 service, verified and qualified candidates, assisting businesses to expedite the entire recruitment process.

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